Learn about Wallpaper Stream and our collection of high quality wallpaper images and backgrounds.

We love wallpapers and collect them on WallpaperStream.com to make them available for all wallpaper enthusiasts. Our collection of wallpapers are placed under easy to browse categories. You can find amazing collections of high-definition (HD) as well as 4K resolution wallpapers on our site. These wallpapers are suitable to be used on laptops as well as mobile phones such as iPhone and Android.

Most of the wallpapers on this site are submitted by our visitors and we are thankful to them. Our team of moderators actively moderate each image submission we receive and place it in suitable collections allowing everyone to download the same. Our moderators also take prompt action in case any wallpaper violates our terms or is flagged to be inappropriate by the community.

Apart from the community submission, many wallpaper images on this website are picked by our moderators from free and popular image and stock photo sites such as Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels etc. If you want images and backgrounds for use on websites and applications then we recommend you to head over to these free image sites for the same, as most of their images are CC0 licensed and allow commercial use.

We also employ creative designers and graphic design professionals to design original wallpaper images and backgrounds for our site. These original wallpapers generally carry our watermark. You are free to use and redistribute our watermarked wallpapers on your website and application as we love seeing them in use.

Wallpaper images submitted by the community or taken from free image sites are not watermarked by us. However, you can include your own watermark on the wallpaper while submitting them on our site. If you have created a wallpaper of your own, we will be glad to include it on our website. You can send it to us using the add wallpaper page.

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